Cheap and Dirty #17: Carlin, Stationary Bike

Episode 17 of the Cheap and Dirty podcast is out, on it we discuss Carlin, and the Stephen King short story Stationary Bike. Hope you enjoy.

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Cheap and Dirty Reviews #16 – Duma Key, Gingerbread Girl, and Behind the Mask

This week on the Cheap and Dirty Podcast I review Stephen King’s Duma Key, and Gingerbread Girl, as well as the movie Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

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Cheap and Dirty #14 – Zach Recht, Gravedancers

Its time for Episode 14 of the Cheap and Dirty Podcast. On this episode I interview Zach Recht author of Thunder and Ashes, and review the 2005 release Gravedancers.

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Or listen to it below.