Cheap and Dirty #20 – Copyrights, Dawn of the Dead, and Science Fiction

Episode 20 of the Cheap and Dirty podcast is up and running. In this episode I drag the wife in to give an outsider’s perspective on Dawn of the Dead, a general response to what makes science fiction work, and a take on how the lack of a copyright made Night of the Living Dead the legendary film it has become.

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Cheap and Dirty #19 – Wind Chill, Heart-Shaped Box, What is horror?

Episode 19 is out. Download it here or listen to it below.

On this episode I review Wind Chill, Heart Shaped Box, and discuss the article Stephen King recently wrote in which he muses over what makes for a good horror movie.

Cheap and Dirty #18 – Death Race, Hills Have Eyes

Its time for Episode 18 of the Cheap and Dirty podcast, in it I turn into a grumpy old man when it comes to , and compare the Hills Have Eyes against each other. Hope you enjoy it.
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Listen to it below: