Episode 35- Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Lie to Me

Its episode 35, chock full of reviews and thematic analysis. This week we take on Tim Roth’s new show, Lie to Me, the 2002 Korean film Sympathy for Mr vengeance, and a brief impression of the short story Midnight Meat Train.

Download it here or listen to it below.

Contact us via email cheapanddirty@gmail.com or call the voicemail line at 253-563-4400.



  1. Dave,

    Enjoyed the hell out of this one. Loved the talk continuing on the Wrestler. Even bought the Springsteen album for the theme song. But the tour de force was the last clip, of the Clive Barker interview, man. Never knew the guy was so freaking funny!

  2. Dude’s got verbal skillz. He’s funny enough to make Craig Ferguson funny even.

    The whole clip was awesome, but what really made me excited is that Book of Blood is getting made into a movie, apparently with Barker’s input on it.

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