Cheap and Dirty Podcast #13 – Odd Thomas, About a Son

Its time for episode 13 of the Cheap and Dirty Podcast. This week we discuss Dean Koontz’ Odd Thomas, and the Kurt Cobain documentary About a Son.

Download it here.

Or listen to it below.

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  1. I love the Odd Thomas series. The second one is not the greatest but he picks up in the third one. I love the character. I got tired of Koontz when he started going in the Sci Fi direction but picked up Odd Thomas as I thought it sounded like a cool concept and fell in love with the story and character.

    I was never really into Nirvana back when they were big. I grew up also in the time where Nirvana came in and changed music completely. But after I got older and sort of recognized it as the soundtrack to my youth I began to appreciate it more. I loved your thoughts on the whole music scene now. I’ve gone over in my head how we’re in such a weird musical time as there are so many choices that it’s acceptable to like so many different types of music. People can say that they like the Shins and in the same breath say they like Motorhead. There are so many choices for music now that it really opens the flood gates for choices and unfortunately (or fortunately depending) doesn’t support the environment for Super Bands anymore like in the past.

  2. Bryan,
    Back in my (our) day cliques defined themselves by what music they listened to, I wonder if that’s still the case with music being so easily accessible now. I don’t think it is judging by the small group of HSers I occasionally interact with. Or at least its not quite so rigid (although I do miss seeing the jean jackets with Eddie from Iron Maiden on them).

    Personally, I like the end of the super band, I don’t think you can have lots of choice, lots of people doing lots of different things and the super band at teh same time. Personally I’d rather have a whole bunch of smaller bands putting out a huge variety of stuff than just a few uber-popular. It also shifts power away from the RIAA members/Walmart/radio/MTV/whoever else, which is always a good thing. Instead of having tastes dictated to the public its becoming just the opposite.

    Of course the downside of it is that without huge crowds you can’t have the elaborate stage shows ala Pink Floyd. But hey, that’s life, give a little, get a little.

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